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How to share the dictionary both DDSKK and AquaSKK on EL Capitan?

AquaSKK has a function as skkserver. Enabling this function, DDSKK can use the dictionary which is used by AquaSKK. Following configuration required.


  • Which dictionaries enabled at "辞書" section of AquaSKK 環境設定
  • At "その他", checking skkserv checkbox "有効にする" and should enter a port number which AquaSKK skkserv uses.

Emacs init.el

(defvar skk-server-host "localhost") 
(defvar skk-server-portnum 1178)
(defvar skk-jisyo-code "UTF-8") 


You can see the following TCP connection after launching ddskk on Emacs session.

tcp4       0      0        ESTABLISHED
tcp4       0      0         ESTABLISHED
tcp4       0      0  *.1178                 *.*                    LISTEN

This session would be finished when Emacs shutdown. After Emacs shutdown, netstat result would become like below.

$ netstat -an | grep 1178
tcp4       0      0  *.1178                 *.*                    LISTEN