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Install AquaSKK

I installed AquaSKK into Office MacBookPro installed Mavericks. This is very nice! Install step is very easy and simple.

  1. Download AquaSKK from, today's latest version is 4.2(2013-05-12)
  2. Change security option to accept all application because default security option doesn't permit to open this installer
  3. Open AquaSKK installer and install
  4. Install process requires logout, so logout and re-login
  5. Change Input method at the Keyboard Setting, I select only Hirakana and U.S.(U.S. isn't AquaSKK source)
  6. Open AquaSKK config
    1. Change User Dictinary from EUC-JP to UTF-8
    2. Select all dictinaries
    3. Enable skkserv, port-number is 1178

Next, change $HOME/.emacs.d/init.el skk section like below.

(require 'skk-autoloads)
(setq default-input-method "japanese-skk")
(defvar skk-henkan-strict-okuri-precedence t)
(defvar skk-check-okurigana-on-touroku t)
(defvar skk-auto-insert-param t)
(defvar skk-egg-like-newline t)
(defvar skk-show-annotation nil)
(defvar skk-previous-candidate-keys (list "x"))
(setq skk-server-host "localhost")
(setq skk-server-portnum 1178)
(setq skk-preload t)

Change points are :

  1. skk-server-host value
  2. remove skk-user-directory

And move $HOME/.emacs.d/share/skk/skk-jisyo to $HOME/.skk-jisyo.