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I can't access supporting SKK

I want to setup my new MacBook Pro, but I can't access DDSKK support sites. So, I got ddskk source code from in order to install it. Here is the procedures.
  1. curl -O -L -v
  2. tar xvzf ddskk-16.2_Warabitai.tar.gz
  3. cd ddskk-ddskk-16.2_Warabitai
  4. edit SKK-CFG
  5. sudo make install EMACS=/Applications/

The last section of SKK-CFG should be like below.

;;; Apple OS X における self-contained な Carbon/Cocoa Emacs の設定例:
(setq SKK_DATADIR "/Applications/")
(setq SKK_INFODIR "/Applications/")
(setq SKK_LISPDIR "/Applications/")
(setq SKK_SET_JISYO t)