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My private adversaria

Karabiner Configuration Memo ver 20151116

My private.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <name>Disable all settings when using Emacs</name>
      <appendix>(Using __PassThrough__ and only)</appendix>
      <name>Disable all settings when using iTerm2</name>
      <appendix>(Using __PassThrough__ and only)</appendix>
      <name>Right_Alt to Sticky Shift_L</name>
      <autogen>__KeyOverlaidModifier__ KeyCode::OPTION_R, KeyCode::SHIFT_L, KeyCode::VK_STICKY_SHIFT_L</autogen>
      <name>Semicolon to Sticky Shift_L</name>
      <appendix>(effective only when input source is Japanese)</appendix>
      <autogen>__KeyOverlaidModifier__ KeyCode::SEMICOLON, KeyCode::SHIFT_L, KeyCode::VK_STICKY_SHIFT_L</autogen>

Checked configuration list

  • My private.xml
    • Disable all settings when using Emacs
    • Disable all settings when using iTerm2
    • Right_Alt to Sticky Shift_L
  • Ignore apps & devices
    • Disable all settings while you are using virtual machine.
  • For Japanese
    • Change Semicolon(;) Key
      • Semicolon to Sticky Shift_L(effective only when input source is Japanese)
      • セミコロン(;)は常に半角
    • Change Yen(\) Key
      • JIS Yen(\) to Backslash(\)(except virtual machine, X11, RDC)
    • Change Keyboard Layout
      • Use Japanese Keyboard as US Keyboard