Shammer's Philosophy

My private adversaria

I begin to use Debian Jessie instead of Mac

I saw jessie's package list and know that

  • Emacs installed by apt-get is 24.4
  • uim-skk supports sticky shift on Jessie

I give importance those points. I have struggled to install uim-skk supported sticky-shift on wheezy, but I couldn't do it. I only used emacs mainly when I wrote something in text, but the version installed by apt-get is 23.x. Emacs 24.4 inserts automatically when Enter typed, this function is indispensable for me, so I install emacs by tarball. Install is only first time, but.....

Mac is a fantastic Operating System, but cursor speed of Emacs on darwin is slow, I don't know why. This is a worst point for me...

I have a concern about using printer on linux. I should collect the information which is the best way to use printer via Linux Debian.