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How to calculate summary with a condition on Numbers of Mac?

I wrote about the way how to calculate summary with a condition on Google Spread Sheet at QUERY is very useful!!! - Shammerism. I looked for the way because I thought I would use Debian as usually, but I can't decided to replace my Mac OS with Debian yet. If using Mac, I want to use Numbers as my default spread sheet application. And I would like to use the function like query of Google Spread Sheet on Numbers.
I feel query is a very flexible function and there is no completely equivalent function on other spread sheet application. But, I use query just as calculating summary with some conditions, and there is a such function just doing so.

On Numbers, SUMIFS can do what I would like to do. Here is an example.

=SUMIFS(SheetB :: C,SheetB :: D,"=20171210")

First param means the value range to be calculated. Then, second param means the range of conditions. And third param is the condition itself. Above example acts as following.

  1. Check SheetB's column D
  2. Extract rows whose column D value is 20171210
  3. Summarize extracted column C's values