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Move EmacsConfig from Dropbox to GIT

I use, and this is a procedure how to move EmacsConfig files to git repository of from Dropbox.

  1. Create repository on
  2. git clone https://$$bitbucketUserName/$bitbucketRepositoryName.git
  3. cd $bitbucketRepositoryName
  4. echo "# ReadMe of $bitbucketRepositoryName" >>
  5. git add
  6. git commit -m "Initial commit with ReadMe"
  7. git push -u origin master
  8. cp -r $DropboxEmacsConfigDir .
  9. find . -name '*.el' -exec git add {} \;
  10. git commit -m "EmacsConfig files initial commit"
  11. git push -u origin master

New directory whose name is same as a repository name would be created when git clone command done. So I did above commands in $HOME/Workspace.
After above action done, change $HOME/.emacs.d symbolic link.

  1. cd
  2. rm .emacs.d
  3. ln -s Workspace/$bitbucketRepositoryName/ .emacs.d