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Apache Ant Install into MacOS

Here is a procedure to install Apache Ant manually.

  1. Check the latest version at Apache Ant Site
  2. Getting latest version ZIP
  3. Expand the ZIP(automatically expanded into $HOME/Downloads, I believe)
  4. sudo mkdir /usr/local/share/ant
  5. sudo cp $ANT_EXPANDED_DIRECTORY /usr/local/share/ant/
  6. cd /usr/local/share/ant
  7. sudo ln -s apache-ant-X.X.X Latest

Installation procedure is finished. Next, add Ant execution files to PATH.

  1. Open $HOME/.profile and add following definitions.
if [ -d "/usr/local/share/ant/Latest/bin" ]; then
    export PATH="/usr/local/share/ant/Latest/bin:$PATH";
  1. check with ant -version