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MacOS security update makes openssl version reset

I was faced with the issue that it takes for a while to launch Emacs GUI version and resolved it by the way written as Resolved the issue of 2016-02-12 - Shammerism. But this setting is reset by MacOS X security update. So, I looked for other way and found, that is adding PATH configuration to Emacs init file.

In detail, I added the following lines to init.el before invoking (auto-install-update-emacswiki-package-name t).

(setenv "PATH" (concat "/usr/local/bin:" (getenv "PATH")))
(setq exec-path (parse-colon-path (concat "/usr/local/bin:" (getenv "PATH"))))
(setq eshell-path-env (concat "/usr/local/bin:" (getenv "PATH")))